Cuanto dinero se gana en twitch

Cómo ser streamer en Twitch: Todo lo que necesitas saber para empezar en Twitch con el pie derecho en el mundo de las transmisiones stream.

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If you want to live from playing video games and think about adopting the difficult life of online streaming, we want to tell you how  being a streamer on Twitch is the best way in the gaming market. Just look at the hundreds and thousands of immigrants who arrive bored, frustrated and tired every day from YouTube to this platform.

In this article we will explain in great detail what Twitch is and how it has managed to displace the lucrative business that for so many years meant YouTube. In addition, you can learn well how the platform works and how to start on Twitch with the right foot. So take note and do not miss details of this incredible guide that we have prepared for you.

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